Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Update - Change of Plans

What was going to be a somewhat busy weekend (though not nearly as busy as last week) turned out to be a relaxing one.

My office moved last Friday so I worked from home.  This means that I got the chance to pick up Little Miss from school which excited her to no end.  Then, we went to the library and to the grocery store.  We picked 3 winning books from the library, too.  I won't miss them when they are returned.  We've read them a zillion times in the 3 days since we've borrowed them.

On Saturday, we were going to hang out with Brother-in-Law and Nephew to celebrate Hanukkah, but Nephew got sick.  Poor little guy.  So, Little Miss and I did our big grocery trip and then took a pretty lengthy nap.  

Little Miss spied Pinterest over my shoulder and requested we try an Orzo dish.  She actually quite liked it though she didn't eat a lot of it.  She literally gave it a thumbs up.  Sometimes, she needs easy things to try to encourage her to try riskier items.  She's still stinging from the sweet potato.  

So, on Sunday, I had to go to work to set up my new cube.  It's going to take some time to adjust to the new commute and new cube.  I will miss the storage from my old cube, but this office is brighter which I like.  I'm trying to think on the positive side of things.  When I got home, Husband's friend was over to watch football.  I coaxed Little Miss into a quick little nap while I made some snacks and cooked lunch for the week.  Then, Little Miss woke up and ate the longest lunch in history.  It basically went straight into dinner.  

I have to say that Little Miss has been very good lately.  She's super excited about Christmas.  She's trying to be good.  She isn't perfect, of course, but we can't complain.  She accepts punishment and knows when she's done something wrong and, last weekend, even apologized without prompting and showed actual remorse (though she may have been more upset that she got caught than sorry for her actions).  It's sometimes still weird to be like we are raising a human and not sucking at it as much as we thought.

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