Monday, December 3, 2012

Sounds of the Husband

Today, Little Miss had to eat dinner and take a bath.  She was given a choice of which she'd like to do first.  So, Husband laid out her options.  A couple of times.  I think he was trying to convince her to do things once way, and she wanted the opposite.  If she took her bath first, he could keep working on the Christmas tree versus losing time by fixing her dinner and then doing the bath.  She countered that she wanted dinner first and then bath which is the usual routine.

So, finally, she threw up her arms and just said, "We'll, fine, you just do whatever you want."  Then, she walked away.  Two seconds later, she needed her stool and Husband went to get it for her.  He was borrowing it to decorate the tree.  She met him halfway and took it, "I've got it from here."  

Between the words and attitude, this is all something Husband would totally do down to the tone and inflection.  It drives me crazy so I'm glad he got it back in his face.