Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Rumors Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Little Miss has been around a lot of babies lately.  Despite previously not wanting a sibling, she's back on the sibling bandwagon - not enough to ask for one but enough that she'll mention it in casual conversation.  She got to hold a baby last weekend and was very maternal to all the babies at The Picture People.  

Last night, Husband asked if she wanted a brother or sister, feeling her out as we do every so often.  She said she only wanted a sister.  Then, she proceeded to explain all the things she would teach her new sister as if she was coming for Christmas.  The talk was eventually replaced with her desire for candy, but I'm really afraid she's going to tell people she's getting a baby sister.  And she's not.  Or definitely not right now.  This could yield very awkward conversations.

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