Thursday, December 20, 2012

Books Read Analysis

I started tracking my books read on this blog in 2008.  Five years later, I decided to do some minor analysis.

I read the following books per year:
2008 - 62 (average 5.17)
2009 - 48 (average 4.00)
2010 - 78  (average 6.50)
2011 - 57 (average 4.75)
2012 - 74 (average 6.17)

I read the following books, on average, per month:
January - 4
February - 4
March - 3.8
April - 4
May - 7.8
June - 4.6
July - 6.8
August - 7.4
September - 7.2
October - 4.8
November - 4
December - 5.4

The months in which I read the most varies from July, September, December, October, and August through the last five years.  Of course, these numbers are skewed a bit due to speed reading a few series - some of which were shorter stories.  Also, this month's book club book is a bit longer than usual so it's going to take me all of the month and then some to read it so I have logged nothing for December and may have very little next January as well.

I know people with children say they don't have time to read, but I make time - and I have no real time-consuming hobbies.  I read during lunch and after Little Miss falls asleep (which is no later than 9PM).  I read the most during the week between 9PM and midnight.  I read the least when new tv is on.  Interesting to see if there are any trends.

This coincides with my attempt to get back on track with Good Reads (  I hope to be more active than last time which shouldn't be difficult.  I have included the books I've listed on this blog, but I think it'll be nicer to be able to go somewhere with more uniform and correct links. 

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