Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Character Crushes 2 - Bad Boy Edition

I know, it seems like a Sexy Tuesday, and I suppose it is, but it's more than eye candy. I tried to find photos of the actors either as their characters or in a photo that represents their character well. Above is a screen shot from the television show and below is a photo that represents the character's good taste and surly demeanor. Either way, this post is different than just yumminess. There's a point to this post. A while ago, I talked about character crushes where I love an actor in a role but not in a wide, sweeping way. I mean, there are actors in which I will watch and love him in anything. Sometimes, however, I like an actor as a particular character. Something about the character and the actor together that sends the tinglies down my spine and no other role for him will compare. Now, I can't say that's a certainty with these two actors, but they do have stand out roles for me. Time will tell if they can break free of the roles they play(ed). First is my current crush, Alexander Skarsgard. I apologize for not knowing how to do the little circle over his second "a" in his last name. I'm obviously not Swedish enough to figure out how to make that happen. Anyway, I'm not the biggest True Blood fan, but I think Eric is a fantastic character - so tricky and evil. During the last few episodes, he's been a highlight for me showing there's a few more layers in Eric than originally thought. Plus, last week's episode had a little more of Eric than we usually see. I have seen Alexander Skarsgard in a couple of episodes of Generation Kill, but I never finished the series. Maybe that's motivation to go back and view the miniseries.

After True blood was over,
Logo was showing the Queer as Folk series finale. Through various seasons of the show, I fell in love with all the characters. Brian Kinney stole the show, but it wasn't until the later years that I climbed aboard the bandwagon. Something about the damaged souls who want to be better but turns to being a complete jerk as a defense mechanism. As a fictional character, that makes for great entertainment. I don't know if I'd have the patience in real life to redeem such a character, but it's nice being on the outside. I've actually seen Gale Harold in a few other projects - gave Vanished a shot (though gave up) and caught his episodes of Grey's Anatomy but a man is not as sexy with a giant swatstika on his body. I haven't caught him on Desperate Housewives, but I have to draw the obsession line somewhere.

So, maybe I'm changing. I never liked the bad boy before or the Alpha Males. I guess there are exceptions to every rule. Anyone else have any bad boy recommendations out there to feed into my newfound type?


Brandi said...

Josh Holloway is my go-to bad boy (although his character on Lost was decidedly not the bad-boy anymore last season and I loved him even more), followed closely by Colin Farrell.

My number one character crush is Laurie in Little Women played by Christian Bale. I don't particularly love Christian Bale in anything else, I can't really list him as a favorite actor. But as Laurie, he was irresistible.

princessapr said...

I would also like to add Jude Law in The Holiday. I find him utterly charming and adorable in that movie.

I liked Christian Bale as Laurie, but I always found Laurie a bit immature, and it always bothered and confused me that he ended up with Amy (because I NEVER liked Amy). That said, he's pretty cute in that movie.

Brandi said...

It bothers every female on the planet that he ended up with Amy.

MrsErinS said...

I am going to just say I totally agree with Brandi's Josh Holloway crush :)