Monday, August 10, 2009

Eating Like a Big Girl

The past month or so, Little Miss refuses to sit in her high chair. She will, however, sit in a regular chair. So, we've been feeding her in a chair, but the table comes up to her little chin so it makes it difficult for her to feed herself which we would like her to do more often. It's hard for me because it's so much easier to feed her, and my big weakness is being patient at mealtimes. However, last Saturday, I made her high chair into a booster seat and moved it to her kitchen chair. She sat like a big girl (despite little reminders to keep her feet off the table) and fed herself. She uses the fork fairly well with food she can stab, but she, at one point, gives up and uses her fingers which is ok, too. You can also tell she wants me to feed her, but I really wanted her to try. Enjoy!


Naomi said...

That is adorable. But it also means she's growing up so fast!

Sanna said...

She's cute! I love that little laughter once she stabbed the food. Very nice!