Saturday, August 1, 2009

Books Read in July 2009

  1. Whose Child? by Susan Gable
  2. The Mummy Plan by Susan Gable
  3. Under Her Skin by Susan Mallery (NOTE: This is Book 1 of the Lone Star Sisters series.)
  4. Lip Service by Susan Mallery (NOTE: This is Book 2 of the Lone Star Sisters series.)

It was a month of Susans this month. Susan Gable was, I thought, a new-to-me author, but it turns out I read all of her books but these two. I finished the first and then, earlier in the month when I was on vacation, I got to meet her at the RWA Literacy Autographing where she gave me The Mummy Plan (which is the UK version of The Mommy Plan). I really liked that one and it may be my favorite though I liked A Kid to the Rescue a lot. I enjoyed Susan Mallery's books as well. I have the third book in the series en route to me. I'm on a nice light reading kick though The Mummy Plan totally made me cry - it's about kids and organ donation. I have a lot of good books at home and hoping to read more in August. We shall see!


Shoshana said...

Oh, I love Susan Mallery. I like her older ones too. I re-read them.

I don't know how many books I have read in July. I better check. I haven't been keeping a good list. Too much movies and TV.

Naomi said...

I really enjoyed Susan Gable's A Kid To The Rescue. Dumb title, but really good book. :)