Thursday, August 20, 2009

TV Is Good For Me!

I whole-heartedly agree with this blogger. She found 10 Benefits to Watching Television. I only see 9 because, unless television will exercise for me, it does not make it easier. TV is one of those things that Husband and I really enjoy together. It's not just sitting and not communicating while we focus on something that is not each other. We actually geek out over the television industry, casting, storylines. For the shows we enjoy together, we really sit down and discuss what is going on, what we think is strong or weak in the writing or storylines. We anticipate what is to come for our favorite characters. We like to look for hidden meaning and in-jokes. I, more than he, will even take to listening to new music if I hear a great song from a television show. This has resulted in an entire Scrubs playlist on my iPod - a playlist that is full of songs that have been on the TV show Scrubs. We aren't the types to get lost in television. Though we like escapism occasionally, we like to think when we watch tv as well as be entertained or be encouraged to use our brain even if it's just to follow along to quick dialogue. Obviously, you need great actors to sell a show, but we also really appreciate the writing. Great writing is what ties all of our varied favorite programs together. No, television is not a babysitter or a substitute for friends, but it is also not evil. It fits somewhere in between.