Friday, August 7, 2009

Sexy Friday

As you may or may not know, G.I. Joe opens this weekend. Among the many actors in the movie, today's Sexy Friday goes to Channing Tatum. It was a tough choice as the movie is chock-full of men and women, most sexy (you have to be at least a little sexy to get away with some of those costumes!). The female counterpart to Mr. Tatum was a tricky one. There was one woman who almost made the cut, but I couldn't find a sexy photo that wasn't blog-friendly. So, because all the stories I read were so nauseatingly romantic, I went with a non-G.I. Joe woman and went with Jenna Dewan, Channing Tatum's wife. I've seen her in a couple of things, but I know her from Step Up in which she starred with her future husband.


Naomi said...

Oh, sexy! I want to see GI Joe. I loved the comics, cartoons and action figures growing up in the 70s and as a teen in the 80s. I always had a soft spot for Snake Eyes. *sigh* I think he was my first Tall, Dark and Angst-Ridden hero I had a crush on. It started a trend that has followed me through my life. My love for the tortured alpha romance hero can be blamed on GI Joe. *g*

april said...

I was not a G.I. Joe fan. I'm not even drawn to the movie, but I'll rent it. I did see Step Up and almost all of Step Up 2 (which Channing Tatum is not in).