Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Little Miss has likes to play! She loves building with blocks and playing with her toys with their intended use. Most of her toys are hand-me-downs from Nephew or family friends, but some of the toys were given to her for Christmas or her birthday. Earlier in the week, she was so amused by her ball popper. Last night and this morning, it was all blocks. She has a block table and a container of blocks. She mostly stacks the the blocks very tall, knocks them down and then starts all over again. This will keep her occupied for a really long time. She gets so focused. It's very cute. Every so often, she'll take a break, kiss the little girl, little boy or dog that came with the block set and resume building (you can see her kissing in the above photo).

Yesterday, Husband was making breakfast for her, and Little Miss was all over him. So, he asked her to go play with her blocks and watch tv while he made breakfast. She turned around and did. Now, I'm not delusional to think she'll follow all our instructions, but it's nice to see communication happening! It's also nice to see Little Miss playing with toys instead of just randomly throwing them and also being so interested in something.