Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Update - Where Did the Weekend Go?

Last Friday was a quiet Friday though it had its highlights. On Saturday, Husband woke up with Little Miss. She ate pancakes for breakfast. Then, I woke up earlier than I wanted, finished a book and joined them. Little Miss ate a big lunch of nuggets and peas. Then, Husband went grocery shopping. We had time for some quick pool time with the In-Laws, trying to squeeze in the last few weekends of the season. In the evening, a friend and I went to dinner at Vapiano. I had only ordered take out before, but it was nice to eat in. We had pizza and chocolate mousse. I'm having leftover pizza again this afternoon and looking forward to it. After we went to The Kennedy Center to see Spring Awakening. We enjoyed the play though I can see how many would not. It was a fun evening.

On Sunday, Husband woke up again with Little Miss (you know, because he's a saint among men), and I did sleep a little late. Then, we got up and ready to hang out at the Parents' house. Sister and Nephew also showed up. Nephew and Little Miss played. Mom grilled. Sister and I made
broccoli salad. The photo above is Nephew playing with Mom's weights. The photo below is Nephew and Little Miss in the Parents' shower. Nephew is "washing Little Miss's hair". She is trying to escape. It was a good evening. Then, we went home, Little Miss went to bed, and we just relaxed.

Now, someone tell me how it's Monday already?