Thursday, September 25, 2008

Character Crushes

I enjoy movies. I enjoy actors. I've also been known to see a movie just because a certain actor is in it. However, there are some actors that I only like in certain roles. For instance, I love Josh Lucas in Sweet Home Alabama. However, I've seen him in many other roles, and he didn't do it for me as much. On a similar note, I like Jude Law in The Holiday yet, outside of that movie, I sometimes like him and sometimes do not. I've been seeing this trend a lot. I like an actor. I'll look into his other projects and I'm like "oh". My crush is on the character, not the actor.

Now, the flip side are the actors which I adore no matter in what drivel they appear. That's another entry for another time.


Brandi said...

I used to think I loved Christian Bale, but it turns out I just love Laurie Lawrence from Little Women.

I think my only real celebrity crush that's not associated with a character is Tim Gunn. I love him.

MrsErinS said...

I would like to officially thank you for that picture this morning :)

Sanna said...

April, I absolutely agree. I feel the same about Josh Lucas and Jude Law. It's amazing. Never thought anybody else 'd share my craziness about them.

Love, Sanna

Shosh said...

I know exactly what you're talking about.