Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I had it with my hair. So, I stopped to get it cut on the way home from work yesterday. It went fine. I usually just say I want it chin-length and then just let the hair stylist do whatever she wants. This works about 95% of the time. I just hate it when they style it at the salon because there's so much gel and mousse. Plus, yesterday, they tried to hide my bangs so I had this giant gap in my hair on one side. On the other side, all my bangs were hanging in my face. Still, it was good enough.

Then, today, I had to style it myself. It's a little flatter (mostly because I don't use any product at all). Still, it's similar except for the bangs which I spread out to hide my gigantic forehead. There's still a bit that hangs in my face, but I'm trying to ignore it. I bet if I spent more than 5 minutes on it, it can be passable. The main thing is that I'm afraid that it'll grow out funny because it does have some layers. The front is shorter than the back which is actually the opposite of the only direction I gave the stylist. I like the layers in the back though. I've yet to see if it's a side-part only haircut or if I can part it in the middle. I'm ok with parting it on the side. Plus, I can use a barrette and sweep it all back which works for me when I don't want the giant chunk in my face.

Huh. A side note is that I don't wear black that much (or I try not to), and I guess I wore black yesterday and today. I'll have to keep that in mind tomorrow.


Unknown said...

I think it looks cute. I had my hair cut yesterday at work. They took 5 inches off. It's still considered long, though. I haven't had my hair cut in like a year and a half so there was much that needed pruning, lol!

It's about 2 inches above my bra band. It was a few inches below that before. I miss the length but it's healthy and I can continue to grow it out.

Brandi said...

It's cute! I remember when you REALLY cut all your hair off. An inch or two is nothing compared to that.

If you still are ambivalent about it, read my blog later. I plan to discuss my horrid and only getting worse hair cut. (See, we still think alike sometimes.)

Sanna said...

I really like it. Very cute. I had my hair cut also a week ago and I feel really good with the new length.

You made a good choice.