Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekend Update - Oh, Hanna...

Some days, you just need a drink. Some days, you can actually relax and have that drink. Last week was one of those weeks. So, it was nice to have the opportunity to sit back with a drink or two Friday night. It was a rough week at work where things just piled up and clients were unhappy - a lot of fires and two firefighters. Then, as it turned out, we ended up celebrating Brother-in-Law's birthday Friday night. Husband and I left Baby with Inlaws for the night and went to Crystal City Sports Pub. We met up with friends of Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law. It was a nice night. I had been craving an amaretto sour, and they really just hit the spot. Then, Husband I went grocery shopping and enjoyed the evening alone. Sadly, we ended up going to bed super early. We enjoyed sleeping late the next morning more!

On Saturday, we went to
the Fair Oaks Mall. We met Sister, Brother-in-Law and Nephew for lunch for Chinese food. Then, Husband, Baby and I proceeded to JC Penney to get our family portraits taken. This past summer, when we had Baby's 7-month portraits taken, the studio mentioned that it would be receiving digital equipment. We were invited back to take advantage of the training weekend. If we participated, we received 50% off any photo package. So, we thought it was a good opportunity to get family portraits done. They weren't kidding about the training portion of the day. They were backed up by about an hour (and this included cancellations due to Tropical Storm Hanna). Baby missed a nap and fell asleep as soon as we got there so she had to be woken up for photos. So, she wasn't very cooperative. She was happy, but she wasn't really as cooperative as she usually is. Part of that is also because she's much more mobile than previous sittings. The photographer was less than accomodating. It took over a half an hour to see proofs. Anyway, it took much longer than expected. As soon as we have the digital proofs, I'll post some. I think the majority of the photos came out well.

On Sunday, we all stayed in to watch football. In my case, I read a book and snacked while there was football on in the background. Thus ended another weekend.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like a fairly packed weekend. I wish mine was so interesting. Alas, I was sick so my weekend consisted of sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping.