Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend Update

Last Friday, we went grocery shopping and then spent a quiet evening at home.

On Saturday, I woke up early and took Baby to
JC Penney to get our family portraits. They were supposed to be ready on Friday. I assumed they would be ready any day after Friday as well. They were not. The thing is that JC Penney is not that close. So, that was annoying. Still, I met Sister and Nephew at the mall. We had lunch at Chick-Fil-A. I shared my lunch with Baby who does enjoy chicken (though not as much as pork). Then, I went home. Because Baby didn't take a nap all day, we took a 4-hour nap that afternoon.

On Sunday, I woke up and went to a friend's house to celebrate another friend's upcoming wedding. In lieu of a formal shower, we took her to get her nails done. I got my nails painted in my usual color -
I'm Not Really a Waitress. I didn't realize there were some other nice colors. I'll have to try some of those out next time instead of going with my usual stand by. We made a nice Sunday dinner. I watched the most boring Emmy Awards ever and True Blood and went to bed. So, it was a quiet weekend, but it seemed like I was always doing something. However, none of those somethings was clean the apartment...


Me said...

I love the names of the OPI polish. and I try to use them on my pedicures, but sometimes the colors aren't available b/c they get used up so fast.

I see you are reading SKenyon...finally! I need to hear what you think. I like her characters a lot better than JR Ward's but shhh! don't tell Naomi I said that. Also my Z is Zarek, who you have to read... his book is Dance with the Devil.

princessapr said...

Well, I'm strictly reading in order including anthologies. So, I still have to finish Talon's book and a short story. I am enjoying the series though. I'll hold off on any comparisons until I'm a few more books in. I'd say J.R. Ward hooked me faster, but I don't know if J.R. Ward sustained my interest. I can't compare SK yet.

Most of the salon's I go to only have OPI and the occasional China Glaze. I'm fine with either but most of the time I pick this color or a OPI dark violet shade.

Shosh said...

I love this new setting...and I'm too excited about tea with Sherrilyn Kenyon on October 12.