Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend Update - Closing Time

Last Friday, we just hung out at home after a hectic week of drama.

Last weekend was the last weekend In-Laws' pool was open this season. So, we were going to make the most of it. It was a humid day though the sun was hid by the tall buildings. In the morning, we hung around the house. We watched a little television and played with Baby. I had leftover pork for lunch. At our last pediatrician visit, the doctor said we could start feeding Baby table food. So, I gave her a small piece of pork. She turned ravenous. She couldn't eat enough pork. She was like a puppy. She'd come crawling from across the room, mouth open, drooling. I kept making her open her mouth to say "ahhh" so I could make sure she had no food in her mouth before I gave her more. So, now she sees me and just goes "ahhh". I also tried to take some photos for her First Birthday invitations. Mostly, she wanted to play so that was ok, too.

Then, we went to the pool. Because Baby wouldn't nap, it was perfect. We knew she's sleep in the pool. She had fun though the water was chilly for anybody over 5. I snacked mostly. We had a relaxing day with In-Laws. Then, we went home.

On Sunday, Brother-in-Law came over with nephew to watch football. I quickly cleaned the apartment. Later, Father-in-Law and the other Brother-in-Law came over for more football, and the house was full. It was fun. I guess it wasn't complete fun for half of the football teams out there, but it was nice to see everyone. I took Nephew to take a walk and get ice cream during football. He was a very good boy for me.

Nephew is a little older than Baby so we have a lot of his hand-me-downs. One of such hand-me-down is a chicken costume. Because it fits her at an odd time, we've just been randomly taking her photo with outfits and costumes. She didn't seem too amused, but it's good enough for blackmail later on. Plus, it was super hot that day so the heavy costume was a bit much. It does make me excited to see her in her Halloween costume! Oh, she's going to hate wearing it, but it'll be so cute!


Naomi said...

OMG! Baby is just so cute! I can't stand it. Love her with the chicken costume. Definite blackmail material. I cannot wait to see her Hallowe'en outfit. And it's so hard to believe she'll be a year old by then!

Stacy said...

LOVE that costume! *sniff* Must go pull out my babies' Halloween pics. ;)