Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We watch a lot of television. We do. Separately, together, television shows, movies, sports, news, awards shows - you name it, we've probably seen it once (with the exception of almost all reality shows). The entire television industry is almost a hobby for us. However, real life does occasionally get in the way of our television. As with most of the universe, we rarely watch television live. We record everything and then watch whenever we want and fast forward through all commercials (or, in my case, boring parts of shows). Lately, the DVR is getting increasingly full. It's quite overwhelming. It's actually stressful to see the shows pile up. It's usually easy for us to keep up, but in the last few years, less and less of our shows have been cancelled. This is unusual for us. Our shows should thin out between the next two years and we're not adding many new ones, but in the meantime, it's killer. I understand the world has bigger problems than ours, but it totally stresses me out to see that my available space to record programming gets smaller and smaller everyday. Conversely, it totally excites me to see the percentage of space increase when I delete something. Deleting something is equal to crossing something off my To Do List.

Does this happen to anybody else or do you have something mundane over which you obsess?


SG said...

Uh yeah I totally have this problem and it's only gotten worse since I'm now reading the Twilight series AND having to keep up with my blog/internet reading, plan a wedding oh yeah and hang out with Kristian every now and then :)

Brandi said...

I'm like that with e-mail (my personal e-mail--not my blog e-mail). I love to get e-mails, but if I'm having a busy time and don't get to respond to them, it stresses me out to see so many piling up. And I get a little thrill from deleting them once I can.

As for TV, A few years ago I realized my whole life revolved around the TV schedule (this was before we had DVR). So, I quit watching everything but Lost. I've added a few more in since then, but not many.