Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Update - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Husband left town on Friday morning to return this evening so it was just Little Miss and me. On Friday night, we played and then I had every intention of cleaning. Instead, we played and then I watched a movie.

On Saturday, Little Miss slept in a bit which was very nice of her. Then, she woke up, we watched a little television, had breakfast and then she took a very short nap. I actually did clean this time. In the afternoon, she had lunch and then played while I finished cleaning. In the evening, my friends came over and had dinner with Little Miss and me. Then, we popped popcorn, chatted and watched
Glee on DVD. After they left, I cleaned up again and went to bed.

On Sunday, Little Miss slept very late which was extremely nice of her. We had a light breakfast and then went to the mall to met up with Sister and Nephew for lunch. The kids played and each received a treat. Little Miss received her first tool set, and she loves it. On the way home, Little Miss fell asleep and stayed asleep for a little over 2 hours. My friends came back over. We had dinner, popped more popcorn, and watched the Golden Globes. I had just enough to drink to wish I had a little less the next morning, but it was fun. Last night, I went to bed instead of cleaning up so there is an extremely messy apartment waiting for me at home. I'll be a little whirlwind tonight and clean before Husband comes home.

The weekend was fun, but it went by quickly! Only tentative plans for next weekend so we'll see what it will bring.