Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Girls vs. Boys.

I was, and still am, of the mindset that both boys and girls are difficult to raise. They each have their own challenges. Add in personality and each individual child is full of surprises. I, as you know, only have a girl, but ever since we knew the gender, people would be like "oooh, a girl, you'll have your hands full" and this was usually from parents of boys. I'll admit it. It kind of offended me because I don't think girls are much more difficult. Maybe it's because I was a girl so I feel that should give me some kind of advantage.

This article is pretty interesting, and I've read similar articles every so often. I think, in part, boys and girls are wired differently, but I do agree and never really thought about that the fact that we, as a culture and as parents, treat them differently whether we mean to or not. I was about to say earlier that boys are more rough and tumble which may be true in general, but Little Miss runs, throws, kicks and falls just as much as the next kid which goes to prove that we go into gender with a mindset. I will say that I feel like girls are slightly easier in terms of opportunity. You can give a girl a doll, a tool set or a ball. She can dance, play soccer, or draw. However, if you have a boy that dances and carries his doll around, people look at him a little sideways when it could just be a phase.

I actually think personality has to do with more than gender. Little Miss is totally stubborn and, being an only child, is used to having the world revolve around her and getting her way. So, when she hears no or we remind her that the world does not revolve around her, anything can happen. That's normal though. On the other hand, she can be a people pleaser, too. She loves positive feedback. She gets such a smile when she hears she's a good girl.

So, parents of both genders, what do you find easier or do you think it just comes down to your child's personalities?


ktNcompany said...

well, since i have 2 of each, i'd have to say that it is definitely a matter of personalities and birth order. for example, my girls fight more - but they are also right next to each other in age. i am sure that there are certain behaviors innate to each gender, but personality seems to be a stronger contributing factor. just my opinion! and, another thing that most people don't want to hear, is that it usually comes down to parenting!

princessapr said...

Oh, no, Katie! If it comes down to parenting, it'll be my fault and I hate it when that happens. :) I totally agree on all points at least on the hypothetical side as I only have the one. I don't know how you do it!

Brandi said...

I stand by my opinion that girls are easier until the hormones set in.

Will stands by his opinion that boys are easier always.

I think maybe it boils down not to your children but to the parents' experience. Will is A. Male himself and B. was one of 4 boys and only one girl. He understands boys and why they act the way they do.

I am A. a female and B. didn't grow up around boys. Not even any male cousins. So, I understand how girls work a little better.