Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Did Someone Ask for an Exorcism?

Last night, Little Miss came home and fell asleep almost immediately which was odd, but if she's tired, she's tired. Around the time Husband started to make dinner (around 8:00), he heard something and yelled to me. I ran into Little Miss's room and it was a disaster. She threw up all over the bed, her stuffed animals, herself, the crib, the floor. It was unnatural. I have to imagine her head spun around in order for her to get the mess in as many places as she did. It was the foulest thing I've ever seen or smelled. I swear I still have that smell in my nose this morning. She had it coming out of her nose and was just sobbing. I picked her up and exited the room as soon as possible. I cleaned up Little Miss and just let her hang out in her diaper. Within 5 minutes, she was playing. She ran around the room and sat down with her tools. Above is an edited photo of her and her tools - her new favorite toy. Meanwhile, here is a shot of Husband taking apart the entire nursery before doing the laundry. If you ask me, I had the better end of the deal. I'm glad Little Miss waited until Husband was back in town to be sick.

I should mention that Little Miss fell asleep with us on the couch quite awhile after (she couldn't stop playing and we made her eat a little and drink a little to see if the stomach pyrotechnics were over for the night). This morning, she seemed back to normal.


SG said...

I got my niece that same tool set for xmas. She loves it!

That sucks that she was so sick. Blech.

Sanna said...

Poor baby. Glad, it was only a one-day-thing.