Friday, January 8, 2010

Giving In To the Chaos

Most of the time, I wait until Little Miss is asleep to do household chores, or I wait until Husband can keep an eye on her. However, Husband is out of town for a couple of days. I wanted to surprise him with a clean house so I was going to start by folding the linens and then work on deconstructing Christmas. Last night, I decided to fold a pile of linens - tablecloths, napkins, a few sets of sheets. I quickly found out that there was a reason I waited until after bedtime to do my chores. Little Miss decided folding sheets was so much more fun than any of her toys or television. I know there is only one Little Miss, but either way, I did not get the result below.Once I gave into the fact that her idea of "helping" was hiding under the sheets while I folded them or jumping on top of them while I laid them out to fold, I just gave up. We just played. I did a one-person parachute and we'd huddle underneath and giggle while the sheet floated down on top of us. It gave us a lot of laughs and let me let go of the stress of finishing a chore. The fun was worth it. Plus, boy, did it tire her out. At one point, the sheet floated to the ground and Little Miss took off her pants and just curled up on the sheet as if going to bed. (Lately, Little Miss takes off her clothes at any given moment. This only concerns us because it's cold! The other night, she was in fuzzy pjs and, when we went in to check on her before we went to bed, she was only in her diaper.) So, I left the last few sheets on the floor and took the cue and put her in bed. However, before bed, I managed to take a couple of photos from under the sheets - one is the photo of the day and another is below: