Friday, January 29, 2010

Smarterest Kid ... er, in the House!

Little Miss has an alphabet puzzle (which is currently missing an "O" and "R" so if you see them, please return them). She's pretty good at completing certain letters of the puzzle. Under each wooden letter, there's a photo and word beginning with the letter. "U" is for "Uncle". Because this is a word she knows, I made a big deal of this so now she picks up the letter and says "unca" or "uncle". She's getting to the age where she says words closer to the correct pronunciation which is a nice step but sad to see her quirks disappear. Last week, she dumped the puzzle sending letters flying. She picked up the "U" and kept saying "unca unca unca" over and over again. I was telling her how smart she was, the smartest kid ever. Then, she goes to put the letter in place and puts in upside down. So, maybe not smartest ever but totally smart, smarter than I most days at least.

Similarly, we were at the mall awhile ago and a woman was asking her what color things were. She had a blue cat. Little Miss pointed and went "blue". The woman was very impressed. She pointed to a purple goat and Little Miss pointed and went "blue". Should have stopped while she was ahead.