Friday, January 15, 2010

Sexy Friday

Today's Sexy Friday has strange origins. I've been obsessive over Phineas and Ferb lately. At first, I found the show kind of loud and annoying, but it's quite clever. Anyway, Kelly Hu is one of the voices. I could have sworn she was already Sexy on a Friday, but I couldn't find her so maybe she was in the running and never made the final cut. So, once I had her, I looked up her Internet resume and, assuming it is correct, see that she is going to be on an episode of The Vampire Diaries which also stars Ian Somerhalder. So, he and his gorgeous eyes are also part of Sexy Friday. I've only really seen him in The Rules of Attraction, but it looks like he's been in and out of shows I've seen before. I will also admit that, up until 5 minutes ago, I totally thought he was someone else (or someone else was him). Either way, sexy is sexy.

I should also take this opportunity to say that this month has a theme. It was quite accidental, but it's a theme nonetheless. Last week featured someone from
Supernatural, this week is The Vampire Diaries. I won't spoil the next couple of weeks, but at least one of the actors featured is from a show from either the WB or CW network.


MrsErinS said...

he'll always be Boone to me :) love his eyes...