Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Update - The End of the Road

Last weekend flew by. Friday was a quiet night - leftovers for dinner, tv and bed. On Saturday, I had plans to go to the zoo, but Husband said he'd go with us for the official Farewel to Tai Shan so we're going next weekend. So, Husband had a work function on Saturday while Little Miss and I played and then she took a nice, long nap while I read. I also dressed Little Miss in an old outfit that used to be mine. My dad bought it so I quickly texted him a photo. This one is a little better than the one I texted him.

On Sunday, I got to sleep late which was fantastic. Later, Husband went to a bar to watch the Jets game while Little Miss and I walked to the mall and went grcoery shopping. Our Jets clothes evidently didn't give them any luck as it was the end of the road for them. You can see our Jets clothes below. I should have closed the shower curtain before timing the photo. The bathroom has the best light in our apartment so lots of photos are taken in there, but I usually take photos in the opposite part of the room. Here's for a relaxing week because next weekend is busy!

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host said...

You both look very cute :)

I agree with you on parenting and raising the child - I don't have children of my own but have spent a lot of time taking care of my nieces and nephews, and I can tell you they are both challenging and rewarding :)