Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green

Since Thursday, it's just been Little Miss and me. Well, that said, Thursday and Friday, I did go to work so it hasn't been non-stop. She's been excellent, very lovey, well-behaved and even going to bed early. Today, we did some arts and crafts. She colored more of herself than she did of the paper (though she's pretty good at keeping the coloring to paper). Her hands were all green. They are washable markers so the green bled onto everything. She ate lunch with her fingers and turned her chicken green. She took a nap with her hands by her mouth and, after drooling, woke up with a green mouth and green teeth. I know that, at any point, I could have taken a washcloth to her, but I figured she'd be coloring more later and I'd have to repeat the process many times. I'll just give her a bath tonight and clean once. It is kind of amusing to see her green. I keep calling her my little Hulk. It's been fun spending time with her even if I'm the mother of the Dirty Kid.