Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Not You, It's Me... well, ok, It's You - You Suck

I love
this article on breaking up with tv shows. I can't say I agree with the examples, but I agree with the concept. I never had a relationship with Fringe and still hang with True Blood. I agree that the latter is not that good, but it does have a way of keeping you guessing. I get sucked in against my better judgment. Regardless, I have parted ways with many television shows this year and in the past. I did have a couple of first dates with new shows this year, but we didn't click. In addition, there are some shows that I'd rather just be friends with and not commit to right away.

I was pretty done with
Heroes. We just were just drifting apart for quite some time. It came along at a good time and, even though we didn't have much in common, I stuck it out for longer than I should have. I also should say that I have an on-again/off-again relationship with CSI:. I watch it once in awhile. I always enjoy it, but it always gets the lowest priority so it's my Plan B if there are no other options on a Thursday - strictly the equivalent of a TV booty call.

It always saddens me a little to say goodbye though. I mean, I don't understand how some relationships stay strong or get stronger (see
Friday Night Lights - which you can totally watch online on NBC's website or here) yet some relationships just get stale (see every show not currently on my DVR Playlist). I guess you can't always keep the excitement level up or the intrigue. Pretty soon, you're jaded and just fed up with the whole process. It'll be interesting to see where my new relationship with Crusoe goes. It's totally just a physical thing (Philip Winchester is hot!) It may get nipped in the bud early as many of my tv relationships are doomed despite my interest, but I still love the anticipation and excitement.

Apologies for the entire extended metaphor.


Brandi said...

About 2 years ago I broke up with almost all my shows. I was simply watching too many. I cut it down to two: LOST and Project Runway/Top Chef/Top Design (I count those all as one because they simply replace each other as each ends its season). I've added in No Reservations and Ghost Hunters.

There are a few shows that I watch if I'm up and they're on, but I don't make a point to watch them (like The Soup, Celebrity Rehab, and House Hunters International).

Mostly, though, I keep it to just 3 hours a week--4 when LOST isn't on Hiatus.

My relationship was LOST is complicated. It's becoming the bad boyfriend that you know isn't good for you, but you love him too much to break up. You stay because you hope it'll get better.


I can't stand Heroes on a weekly basis. I always do catch-up on DVD. It is more fun.

The shows I watch weekly are Greys, Desperate, House. I don't have time for CSI and other fun series out there.