Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Baby Once Again

We got angel baby back tonight. Baby was either teething or had a little bug yesterday and last night. Last night, she had a slight fever, but today, she had a nice, long nap and lots of fluids (not to mention a little Tylenol). So, tonight, she was the perfect baby we know and love. She was a little fussy, but it's probably because she's still catching up on her rest. She was back to mischief, er, herself this evening - plus went right down to bed perfectly.


Naomi said...

Yay for Angel Baby! I hope she continues to feel better and be your bright and shining star. :)

shoshana said...

Yes! It's probably one of those things. My baby refused to get out of his carseat for two hours this afternoon. It was good that I have my book and I the weather is nice.