Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where? When? In What? - All the Important Questions

Part II of The Wedding Story

We got married in my
church. We knew we were going to be married on a long weekend holiday. Our first choice was Memorial Day weekend and ended up being Columbus Day weekend. The next step was to choose a location for the reception. Luckily, my college roommate's mother had a list of reception places in our area. So, we narrowed the list down and visited each one over a weekend. You have to remember this was before everybody had a website. We had to call, make appointments, and physically visit in order to receive actual information. So, we visited a few places. We didn't really love them. Then, we had two last appointments really close to each other. One place was essentially closed. There was no one to meet us. It was lovely, but it was a bad impression to not have someone make the appointment set. So, we showed up to the next appointment extremely early. They greeted us and met with us then and there. We loved it and ended up having our reception at Anthony's Ocean View.

I chose my wedding dress after two brief stops at bridal stores. I had it narrowed down to two after about an hour of searching. I chose one because I hated one store and refused to shop there. I made the right decision. It really was easy planning.

To be continued...


Sanna said...

That photo is beautiful. You look so gorgeous! Happy Anniversary!

BTW, isn't it baby's first bday soon? When?

Love, Sanna