Monday, October 13, 2008

Baby and her Costume Changes

Baby's new thing is picking up any piece of clothing and trying to put it on. However, she tries to put on everything over her head. This is especially funny because she doesn't wear a lot of things that go over her head. 90% of her wardrobe is pajamas which zip up the front. Funnier yet is that sometimes, she tries to put pants on over her head. Her coordination isn't so great (well, I suppose it is for an 11-month-old) so she just kind of tries to push her head through. Sometimes, the article of clothing just goes right behind her and lands in a heap. Sometimes, it lands around her shoulders. Sometimes, it just sits on top of her head like in the photo. The video below shows her attempt to dress herself. It's a short video because, as soon as I start photographing her or recording her, she stops what she's doing to grab the camera.