Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let Her Eat Cake!

As promised, we are officially changing Baby's name to Little Miss on the blog. Her name, obviously, in real life, will remain the same. She looks less and less like my little baby everyday!

Anyway, tonight, we wanted to celebrate Little Miss's official birthday. So, I picked up a cupcake from
Cake Love. Actually, I picked up three, but that's not the point. We fed Little Miss her favorite dinner of pork and made her balance out the pork with string beans. Then, after she was done with that, we sang Happy Birthday and gave her a vanilla on chocolate cupcake. It seemed like a big hit! She played with the cupcake for a bit and ate the entire (half) cupcake! Directly after, we plunked her straight into the bath.

After the bath, she perked up from the massive sugar high so we let her stay up. Husband had hoped to watch
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown with her, but she had other plans. She wanted to bounce all over the room and get into everything. After about a half hour, the sugar high started to wear off and Husband put her to bed - though as good of a job of falling asleep as she.
So, one year down. We can't believe it. I'm sure every year will be special, but this one was extra special.


Shoshana said...

Little Miss looks beautiful. I like little Miss. :)