Friday, October 10, 2008


I interrupt the regularly scheduled blog post to say that I bowled my all-time highest score last night. I bowled a 135. My average is about 85 as a comparison. My previous high score this year was 100 though I made it into the 110's before). This is very exciting to me. I also won my game last night which contributed to a team win. And, yes, the photo above is exactly what I wear and how I look when I bowl.


Naomi said...

Go April! I don't think I've ever bowled that high a score. The man has. But he stopped bowling soon after. Says it's his wrists. I think it's that he doesn't want to admit it was a fluke. *g*

Midas said...

Congratulations! Doing the happy dance for you. In another lifetime, I used to bowl. I love it so much, I bowled 45 games in a row without break. Poor husband has to wait for me. If my fingers hadn't bleed, I wouldn't have stopped.