Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Update

We had a weekend. So I'm told. We did absolutely nothing. On Friday, I stopped at
Carter's to take advantage of its 50%-70% off sale. On Saturday, Baby and I walked to CVS for some things. On Sunday, I changed Baby's closet to only contain clothes that fit her. I mean, the weekend just flew, and I can't name one thing that we did. I did dress Baby up today. Husband thinks that's why she was grouchy, but I don't think it was. She was dressed in the costume just because we had it as a hand-me-down. It is not her actual Halloween costume (which we did try on today as well). Anyway, weekend was pathetic. Next week starts up busy weekends again so we wanted to enjoy a relaxing weekend. Sadly, Baby did not get the memo that this weekend was supposed to be relaxing.


Naomi said...

Love the costume! So cute! And I'm sure that's not why she was grumpy.

My weekend was full of stuff. I''m going to blog about it. Why not, right?