Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Update - Making the Most of Our Time

This past weekend was nice overall.  You can't argue with the weather.  It was glorious.

On Saturday, Little Miss and I spent the entire day together.  We got up and played some board games despite the fact that I was super tired.  We went to grab some Mother's Day presents for the grandmas.  Then, the two of us went to lunch.  We ended up at Applebee's which isn't my favorite, but it was cheap.  The menu was all updated since the last time I went, and we were happy enough with the food.  Dessert was delicious so it had that going for it - and our server was super friendly and doted all over Little Miss.  Then, the two of us went to the salon to get our nails done.  All the Asian folk gushed all over her.  She did say they spoke "weird", but I just explained that they know more than one language which just makes it different and not weird.  She was weird for only knowing English.  Nail salons will, almost every time, ask me where I'm from which usually means they hope I'm from the same country as they are and speak their language (or they're asking so they can see how free they are to speak in front of me in their own language).  So, when we got home, Little Miss asked "Where am I from?  They kept asking me."  We spent the rest of the night home putting together baby stuff. 

I put the sheets on the crib and put clean fabric on everything I stripped earlier in the week.  Little Miss helped me put together all the toys and accessories.  She was actually quite helpful because I have trouble following instructions, and she is always eager to help.  We ended up both going to bed very late, but we had a very productive day.

On Sunday, Little Miss woke up at her regular time (which is still hours after many other children).  She watched some video while I tried to wake up.  Then, we pretty much just went to skating.  Little Miss did fantastic in skating.  She got to skip the third level and go straight to the next level.  She worked really hard on her lesson which is huge because she hates working hard at anything.  She fell a couple of times and got right back up, but she was pretty tired of falling after awhile.  When we got home, I took a nap, promising to play more board games if she gave me a half hour to sleep.  To the minute, she gave me a half hour.  Then, she fell asleep around dinnertime.

So, it was a good start to Spring Break.  Little Miss has been staying up late, but she's been pushing through the day with great behavior except for her little nap last night.