Monday, April 21, 2014

Little Miss

As the baby gets ready to join the outside world, Little Miss is on Baby Watch all the time.  She's always asked how big he is and is interested in his status, but now that we're closer, she is much more vigilant.  Every little twinge, movement or Braxton-Hicks has her running to get Husband.  She is so excited.  She's tried out all his toys and stuffed animals and deemed them acceptable.  She picked out his Coming Home Outfit (though there is a back up in case it doesn't fit). 

We're still trying to adjust her expectations, but it's nice that she's so excited.  She's already taking her responsibilities very seriously.  She's kept up with all her cleaning and tidying.  Her room has remained the cleaned of all.  Husband and I aren't naive though.  We know there will be adjustment for all of us, but it should be short-term and, as with many things, the good will outweigh any of the inconveniences and mood swings.