Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Update - Last Weekend of Three

I worked from home Tuesday through Friday last week.  On Thursday, I had some pretty strong contractions, but they never became more frequent than 30 minutes apart.  The doctor recommended rest and fluids.  On Friday morning, everything seemed back to normal, but the doctor still told me to stay low to make it to the scheduled c-section time.  

On Saturday, I did very little except travel to see Little Miss play baseball.  I declined an invite to see a movie with Mom and Sister.  The evenings have been very tiring for me, and my entire body has been achy for the last week.  I cleaned the bathroom and put some clothes away though.  

On Sunday, I met with my friends for lunch, and it was nice to sit and relax.  The three of an he haven't gotten together in months due to busy schedules.  The restaurant took a picture of the three of us which was really sweet.  Plus, lunch was delicious.  Then, I took Little Miss to skating.  She's learning to skate backwards and is getting really good.  We are so proud of her.  She was a little extra cuddly, but she's excited for her brother to arrive.  She was a little cranky over the weekend, but she did an awesome job pulling herself together.

So, provided the next 10 hours are uneventful, we are prepared for the fourth member of our family.  See you on huge flip side blog!  No 39th week update though the baby is measuring the size of a mini watermelon and, as someone who bought a mini watermelon this week, it seems about right.  We shall see how big he is for sure in a handful of hours!