Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekend Update - The Very Busy Little Miss

We had an incredibly busy weekend! I did very little on Friday. The evenings have been rough for me. I rush to pick up Little Miss from school from work, and it involves a lot of brisk walking and driving and pressure to get there on time. Plus, I'm tired after a long week. So, I try to take it easy on Friday nights, but it doesn't always work out (sometimes, it does though). 

On Saturday, I got up with Little Miss. It makes it easy to get up with her when I'm not sleeping too well. I either go to bed early and wake up early or go to bed late and wake up normal time at best. Little Miss and I had our Saturday routine of playing board games before we got ready to go to our first baseball game. My parents met us there to watch her. Considering the team had one practice and Little Miss had never played before, they did great. She had two hits. It was a long two hours, but she was so excited. After, she went with the Inlaws and Nephew to the carnival and out to dinner. I think I took a brief nap and then did a lot around the apartment to get ready for the baby - cleaned toys and organized clothes and just straightened up in general. I have the fine tuning left to go this weekend though. Little Miss came home and went straight to bed, but I stayed up late cleaning and then watching tv.
On Sunday, I woke up before Little Miss, but she was right behind me. Husband had plans with a friend, but Little Miss and I went to her ice skating lesson where she did great. She's learning to glide, but she's also working hard and listening well to the teacher. We had a snack before she did a turn or two around the rink during Public Skate. Then, we drove out to my parents' house for dinner. We celebrated my mom's birthday (a bit late) and my dad's retirement. We had some Chinese delivery, but it was nice to have some family time, a low-key evening before Mom's surgery this week and the new baby. We went home and pretty much collapsed. Little Miss went straight to bed, and I have to admit I wasn't far behind her.