Friday, April 11, 2014

Week 36

Week 36?! That's insane! You can read more here. Not much new. I feel like he dropped in the last day or so, but I still feel big. Sometimes, I don't but then I catch myself sideways in a mirror. He's still pretty active, and I've been having some ouchiness like he's settling himself on my hip bones. This is new because Little Miss loved to hang out around the ribs. This lower discomfort is new, but he's always been much lower than she was. My appetite seems to have lessened which is good only in that I couldn't have possibly eaten more than I did the last couple of weeks. I haven't wanted unlimited ice cream (hold the pickles), but I've been trying to limit the mass quantities. Otherwise, no real complaints. I'm now big enough that people keep asking me if it's any day, and people have been offering me seats on the Metro. Yesterday marks the first time a man has gotten up so chivalry isn't completely dead.

Last weekend, in a realization that I haven't really done much to get ready for the baby except clean and strategize, I purchased a bunch of things just in case. My parents gave us a stroller and car seat, but I picked up a new Pack and Play and a few other items that were on sale and we'd need down the line. I really just need to dust the bedroom, put away my clean clothes, and I want to go through the DVDs and CDs. Then, there's just a bit of laundry, and we'll be mostly ready. I planned to do a lot of cooking and freezing, but I put all my energy into organizing gifts instead - Easter Bunny gifts, birthday gifts, Mother's Day gifts. I'm all set through May except for the Nephew who hasn't told me what he wanted. I may get to some cooking, but I wanted to do the things that could be forgotten. I'm not going to forget to eat. Plus, Husband can cook. He has a rocky track record with gifts.

Little Miss is very excited. It was her turn to describe her family and her "almost-here baby brother" was the first member she listed. She has tried out all his new or new-to-him toys. I'm curious to see how she'll react in reality though not curious enough to rush the process. Still hoping to make it to April 28!

UPDATE:  Yes, I write most of these blogs ahead of time and schedule them so it looks I'm a better blogger than I actually am.  Anyway, appointment went well this morning.  I gained a pound which, this time, probably went all to me as the belly didn't grow at all.  Baby is still quite active.  Heart, brain and liver looked good after a quick scan, and he's still doing ok on the fluid front.  This week, the doctor felt more confident that I'll make it to April 28 at least.  I mean, we'll see.  Neither of us has any control over that, but I'd like to make it through the next week at the very least!  I did pre-register at the hospital today.  It's all done online now.  That tells you how long it's been since our last "baby".