Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Training - One of the Boys

Well, baseball has begun.  Yes, the MLB has started playing this week, but I couldn't care less about those teams.  Little Miss asked to play baseball so her Cardinals (complete with St. Louis hat and mini uniform) have its very first game on Saturday.  Because Spring was late in coming, there was only one practice before the first game.  It was a busy day of school, Extended Day and then baseball practice, but Little Miss was a trooper. 

Little Miss did fantastic for her first practice and first real "training".  She listened well to her coaches.  She put forth effort.  She came home wanting to practice her swing.  The coach said a couple of times how well she did (though it irked me that he was so surprised).  She does have a great arm and can hit the ball though she does need to practice her stance and focus. 

When we got home, we just got her a little pizza for a quick dinner.  When she was done, she just got her dessert and then got herself ready for bed.  She only came to us to help get her baseball cleats off and to ask for assistance brushing her teeth.  By the time I finished cleaning up the bathroom, she was in bed. 

If this is how it goes after one one-hour practice, the weekends should be very tiring for her between this, regular weekend plans and ice skating.  We have a pretty good idea that the first game will be a bit of organized chaos, but it should be fun.  Little Miss goes to school with 2 of the kids on her team (though she's the only girl), and one little boy waved and said goodbye to her as she left.  He called out "See ya at the Big Game!"  It was kind of adorable. 

As much as Little Miss is one of the boys a lot of times (she taunts the girls with the boys and all her stories and "best friends" are boys), the girl showed up to baseball in her pink butterfly cap, a pink sequin top, pink shorts and pink glove.  I kind of like the mix in her personality though.  She owns it all.