Tuesday, April 22, 2014

38 Weeks

I'm writing this one earlier than the end of the week just in case.  We're in the 38th week.  You can read more here though not much changes with the baby from here on out.  The baby is the size of a pumpkin which Little Miss likes to tell everyone from the head of Housekeeping in our building to random people on the street. 

I'm much more uncomfortable, and the body will complain if I overdo anything with contractions or aches and pains.  Minor swelling with the hands and feet, but it goes away when I rest.  Last time, I grew out of my rings in the second trimester so it was nice to wear jewelry throughout this time.

So, at this point, it's a waiting game.  I'm hoping the little guy waits until Monday at noon.  If not, we're ready for him.  Little Miss came early (38 weeks + 5 days) which would put us at a Friday delivery if he copies his sister.  There's a little more cooking, some cleaning and laundry, but none of that is taking a very high priority over doing nothing.  Bottles are cleaned.  Diapers are purchased.  The important furniture, toys and clothes are laundered.  I even mostly have a suitcase packed.  I just need to remember to grab the camera and chargers.

Things I wonder:

  1. Will he have wavy hair like Little Miss?
  2. Will he be a good sleeper?
  3. Will he fit into the newborn or preemie clothes (I packed both)?
Things we learned the last time:
  1. If offered pain medication after surgery, I should say yes or have someone say yes on my behalf.  Last time, in a drug-induced haze, I said no.
  2. If he is jaundice, we do not leave the hospital until it is gone.  Last time, we left and two days later were in the ER with Little Miss and had a 3-day stay.
  3. When the hospital offers to do handprints and footprints, you say yes.  OK, I didn't have to learn this one, but it is clear instructions for Husband this time around.
Either way, new child, new set of rules, and we'll learn as we go.  A friend asked if we were ready for the baby last weekend.  I said we were prepared, but I wouldn't say we're ready.  We know there are tons that we have forgotten or that we have to learn.  We'll figure it out as we meet him!


MrsErinS said...

take those painkillers and i'll use any you don't :) ha!