Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"That's Not How Daddy Does It"

As I mentioned in the previous post, Husband was out of town last weekend.  So, it was up to me on Friday and Monday to get Little Miss ready for school which is usually his job.  On Friday, it was fairly easy to get her up because she woke up as Husband left.  We got to school super early.  That said, from the way I served her breakfast to the way I got her dressed, everything I did was wrong.  "That's not how Daddy does it," she'd say every two seconds.

Monday was a little more chaotic because I slept late, but we still got to school early.  I still had to hear that I didn't do things the same way Husband did them.  So, I may have snapped, "This is how I do things, and Daddy will be back tomorrow."

The other pet peeve is that Husband makes pancakes from scratch.  I do not.  So, she registered a complaint.  It turns out that we wouldn't have had time to make pancakes on Sunday with her sleeping until 9:45.  We barely had enough time to do breakfast and a bath before the birthday party.  As she said to my friend Sunday night, "I had cheesy eggs for breakfast because that's what Mommy makes.  She can't make pancakes."  

Everyone's a critic.