Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yeah, Go Ahead and Judge Me

I don't keep all of Little Miss's artwork.  I'll obviously keep some to show growth, to display or to use in the future to decorate the apartment.  However, all her penmanship worksheets and doodles kind of get thrown away in the darkness of night.  

Last Friday, I was cleaning and threw away one of her pieces of art.  It was just a small doodle on a huge piece of paper.  I already kept two similar ones.  The next morning, I find it soothed out on the kitchen table.  So, Saturday night, I fold it and throw it away and bag up the trash to be put out.  After my shower, I find it on the kitchen table.  On Sunday, I was a little more clever and put it in a box and then threw the box away.

The funniest thing is that this has never come up.  We've not discussed it once.  There's no outrage or hurt feelings.  Nothing.  It's ok though because I'm sure it'll come up while she's on her therapist's couch one day.


Kyrah said...

Anyone want to take bets this will come up when she's a teenager and looking for something to throw at you, LOL??