Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Update - It's Beginning to Look a lot like the Flu

I'm a couple of weekend updates behind.  This should go quickly though.  

The Friday before Christmas, I worked from home.  Little Miss had a show at school so we saw her class perform in the classroom and then again in a very long fantastic show.  It was the pre-K class through the 8th grade and lasted approximately 2 hours.  After, my dad picked Little Miss and me up to go to their vacation house for Christmas.  Husband had to work through the weekend and Christmas Eve so he met us up there.  The trip was long, but it wasn't full of traffic or tedious as the ride has been in the past.

On Saturday, I fell sick with the flu and I stayed down.  It was snowing so bad that we did not go to church much to Little Miss's chagrin.  Christmas was a giant orgy of food and presents.  I stayed sick.  Christmas was my worst day full of aches, pains, fever and all sorts of coughing, sneezing and blowing of the nose.  Still, it was nice seeing family.  My parents, sister and her boyfriend, nephew, aunt, uncle and cousins were all there.  We talked, played Scattergories, some skied.  Fun had by all - flu notwithstanding.

On Christmas, we went home after an early dinner.  I worked from home the balance of the week in between naps and medication. I literally spent that entire week and a half down in bed going through tissues like, well, like they were tissues. 

New Year's Eve was spent at least on the couch.  I made myself stay up and also made myself see if I could go the entire day without a nap.  It was possible, but it wasn't any fun.  

The flu also made it so the apartment was a disaster area.  I tidied a bit but then it quickly became a disaster area again.  It was so horrible, but I was so run down that nothing was getting done.  I'm not 100% but I'm definitely a productive member of society now at least.  Hence my productive weekend last weekend.

Last weekend, we took down all the Christmas decorations.  Then, I tidied up the living room, Little Miss's bedroom.  Later this week, I intend to do the buffet, our bedroom and the bathroom.  They're not that bad, but they need a solid cleaning and dusting.  On Sunday, I met a friend for lunch and a movie.  It all made the weekend go quickly, but it's nice to be back in the land of the living.  My appetite isn't completely back yet and I'm still coughing.  Still, the flu was a nice little diet.  Without doing sit ups, this is the best my stomach is going to look with the least amount of work.  The cheesesteak at lunch probably didn't help though.

Apologies.  Because of the flu, there are little to no pictures of the last 3 weeks.  I have some video of Little Miss at school, but I don't like posting pictures of other people's kids.  I have one family photo from Christmas which I will post later.