Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why Do Today What I Can Put Off Until Tomorrow (or Thursday)?

Occasionally, we have those moments where Husband and I look at Little Miss and see a reflection of one or both of us. Then, we have moments where she is her own unique human being. Last night, Little Miss came home with her homework book. Homework comes home on Tuesday and is due Thursday. We usually do it on Tuesday because it is not a bath night. Wednesday is bath night. However, this week, homework is due on Friday. So, I figured we could do it Thursday. Nope. No such luck. Little Miss got out her homework supplies and started right in. We ended up doing half and will do the other half either tonight or tomorrow (or both tonight and tomorrow if she's super slow). I applaud her work ethic. I do. I just also wish she'd appreciate my procrastination and laziness.