Monday, January 7, 2013

Overheard this Past Weekend

First story:
Husband asked Little Miss who was the prettiest princess.  She said, "Mommy" which is totally adorable, right?  Then, he goes, "Mommy is the prettiest princess?"  My darling offspring went, "Well... maybe not the prettiest."  Nice ego check.

Second story:
I tidied up Little Miss's room for her.  I know she's old enough and she did help out a lot, but I needed it done so sometimes, I'll just pick it up.  Also, it was only dolls and a puzzle (truth be told, those dolls were really tricky because she stripped them naked and the clothes wouldn't go back on so I would have ended up doing it anyway).  So, at bedtime, I asked her if she noticed that I cleaned her room.  She nodded her head.  

I prompted her further, "Isn't there anything you wanted to say to me?"  
She gave an impatient sigh.  "I nodded my head.  That means yes.  I saw you cleaned my room."

I may have gotten a little snotty then and told her that maybe a "thank you" would have been nice and next time she could pick up her own toys.  But seriously, rude much?  Who raised that kid?  Oh, wait...

I was rewarded with a "thank you" and a big hug and kiss.  It's nice that she's become more affectionate lately.