Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Preschool Conversations

You know how people love babies?  I'm not that person.  I love preschool-aged children.  They can talk, follow instructions (if they want), do stuff on their own.  Plus, they usually like me which is nice.  I think it's because I'm smaller than the average grown up.

This morning, I was sitting on the floor with Little Miss waiting for the bell to ring.  The kids line up in the hallway and, after the bell rings, walk like little ducklings to their classroom.  The kids swarmed around us to start chatting.  Here is what I learned:

1.  All of them had a Band-Aid.  I'm unclear on whether they all needed one, but they all had one.  And they all had to show me and each other.
2.  One little boy told me his birthday is in 10 days.  He also is getting a job so he can have some pocket money.  He was going to wash dishes so he could save up to buy a calendar.
3.  One little girl's birthday is in February.  
4.  All the girls had braids in their hair today.

I love how fast the conversation moves and how many topics we could discuss in exactly 4 minutes.  Little Miss has such a good class this year.  It's small and really close-knit.  It'll be sad when she goes to kindergarten on many levels, but I'm enjoying the end of the toddler years at least.