Thursday, January 17, 2013

School Daze

Little Miss:  Whoa, this is weird.
Me:  What is weird?
Little Miss:  We're on time to school.

Conversation after every kid showed and told us what they brought for Show and Tell:
Little Miss:  We forgot Show and Tell!
Me:  Well, what do we have on us?  You can wink.
Little Miss shoots me a dirty look.
Me:  I can get a baby wipe from the car.  That's a "w" word.
Little Miss doesn't even acknowledge this option.
Me:  You are wearing your WINTER coat.
The solution is that I had to explain to the teacher that Little Miss remembered Show and Tell last night, but somehow I forgot to have her grab something this morning.  In our defense, Show and Tell is usually Friday, but there is no school tomorrow.  The one day I forgot to wear a watch, too.  Seriously, I think the winking was a good idea.  I also told her to tell the class that she brought a long weekend for them.  My humor was either above or beneath her.

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Stephanie said...

All good options in my opinion!