Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weekend Update - Relaxing Weekend for Once

On Friday, Little Miss had a much-delayed physical.  She does need a new prescription for an epipen as her tree nut allergy seems to be getting worse.  It's not usually a problem because she can eat peanuts and doesn't eat many nuts other than those.  She also got the flu mist which made her so happy because, now that she can take the flu mist, she doesn't need another shot until she turns 11.  After, we hit the grocery store and hung out at home.

On Saturday, we went to the pool for some water time and then we hung out at home until friends came over.  The girls are about 6 months apart even though that's still results in an entire grade.  They had fun.  It's always a little surreal to know it is a childhood friend of Husband and now their kids are playing together when it seems like only yesterday that they were that age.  We had pizza and brownies and stayed up too late so it was perfect that Sunday was a perfectly quiet day in which no one got dressed or did much.  I did tidy up a little, but nothing big happened.  All in all, a nice little weekend.