Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Update - Birthday Girl!

Two weekends ago, Little Miss turned 5. 5! My parents came out to watch Little Miss play soccer and then were a big help getting ready for the party. There was a very small amount of time between the two. We had chicken tenders, finger foods and those Mummy Dogs. There were 2 beautiful cakes made by my father-in-law. There was a movie playing as well as arts and crafts, a bean bag toss, decorate your own pumpkin (gourd) and ring toss. Mostly, the kids liked the run around though.

On Sunday, it was Little Miss's actual birthday which she declared would hold another party. She wanted decorations, cake, and basically an entire party. We told her she could have a party if she napped. So, while she napped, I hung up streamers and blew up balloons. She got to blow out the candles again on leftover cake. Husband made her her very favorite dinner.
Little Miss received many nice things for her birthday. She's played with a lot of things which is different from the past. She's declared dolls from her favorite show and a trunk full of dress up clothes were her favorite. As a matter of fact, she's worn her Snow White costume almost every day. I've had to hand wash it three times in the last week. She's even gone so far as sleep in it. I think the party was a success and much tamer than last year.