Thursday, November 29, 2012

Weekend Update - Thanksgiving

As it turns out, Little Miss was napping because of all the activity at the water park. She was coming down with a mini flu. Late Monday night or Tuesday morning, she woke up all congested and was sick to her stomach, mostly due to the congestion. She stayed home with Husband on Tuesday. On Wednesday, school was a half day, and she really wanted to go and had no fever. However, by the time she came home Wednesday evening, her fever was back up high and she was listless. So, we were definitely playing Thanksgiving by ear. Thursday, her fever was much lower, but she was still exhausted. Morning was her best time and she was in high spirits. When we got to Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law's apartment, she was so happy to see Nephew and the rest of the family. We watched the video of her Thanksgiving show, and she performed it live along side of her digital self while Nephew gave her a round of applause after each number. Then, later in the afternoon, the poor thing just curled up in a ball on the couch. She slept through dinner.
Nephew was perfectly content playing with my iPad and watching his favorite show. He felt the strain of entertaining the entire family and went to bed after giving up on the New York Jets. On Friday, Little Miss still wasn't 100%, but she begged to go for a walk. Instead, she took a 3-hour nap, but she wanted to take a walk afterwards. So, I took her out. She asked to go to Macy's so we did and picked her up a Christmas outfit. 15 minutes into our walk, she said she was really tired and wanted to go home. Saturday was very similar except she really wanted to go to the Inlaws' apartment so we dropped her off for a sleepover. Saturday was the first day that she didn't have a fever though she was still exhausted. Husband and I met friends out at a local bar to watch a football game. Little Miss was still worn down on Sunday but kept the fever off at least. We kept her home on Monday, but she's back at school this week. Her cough finally let up a little, but the fatigue is taking awhile to disappear. I think she'll be good after this weekend. She's had trouble sleeping and this is the first week after 2 partial weeks so it takes a bit of time to get back into a routine.

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