Thursday, November 29, 2012

Weekend Update - Party On, Little Miss

I'm so behind on my blogs, but here goes my effort to catch up. In the first weekend of November (yes, I'm that behind), we had Little Miss's last soccer practice of the season. It was very, very cold. She was a trooper, but it was just very, very cold. After, we ate a quick lunch and drove to a birthday party. Little Miss had a blast. She would have done karaoke non-stop if you let her. Afterwards, because we were so close, we went to Ikea. By now, it was dinner time so I picked up some food and we bought new bedding for Little Miss. She has a bed from Ikea which only Ikea sheets fit. Then, as we were on our way out, she discovered the play area. I didn't realize that you left your kid there for a half hour. So, I had a half hour to kill while she attacked the ball pit. She absolutely loved it. On the way home, she fell asleep which was good because she was jumping on my last nerve.
On Sunday, we went out to my parents' house because my grandparents were in town. Little Miss really enjoyed her time with her cousin, but she was having some trouble keeping up with the big boys. Later, after Sister and Nephew left, she really enjoyed having her great-grandparents' attention all to herself.

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